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Situated in the centre of the Italian peninsula, the region of Umbria is traditionally considered thearco_etrusco green heart of Italy.

As a guest, you certainly will be enchanted by the dazzling views of centuries-old villages perched atop radiant, green, rolling Umbrian hillsides. Equally delighful is a visit to the ancient city of Perugia, the regional capital, to wander its narrow, winding medieval streets. Built on the crest of a hill at an elevation of 493 metres, your gateway to the city will be the magnificent Etruscan Arch, still perfectly intact.

A memorable experience can also be enjoyed in the dark, mysterious passageways of the old underground quarter, which run under the fortress at La Rocca Paolina, commissioned by Pope Paul III and built by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger in 1549.

Other attractions are the Etruscan monuments, the museums, the fresh Umbrian air, the myriad of restaurants where diners can savour the traditional dishes of Umbria and Italian cuisine in general, and the friendliness of the locals, who have long been accustomed to the presence of visitors from other countries as Perugia is the home of the University for Foreigners for Italian Language Studies, the oldest and most prestigious institute of its kind in Italy.

The Etruscan and medieval Perugia, a city of art, culture and nature. A city with important events which take place there throughout the year, for example the Umbria Jazz Festival (during the July month) andeurochocolate (during the October month).

If you should choose to be a guest at The Charming Villa Nuba Apartments, you will experience a truly unforgettable holiday.

What is more, Perugia is not far from the A1 motorway (Autostrada del Sole) and only one and a half hours drive from Rome and Florence, three hours from Bologna and five hours from Milan.

The Charming Villa Nuba Apartments, the only luxury cottages  rental for short and long periods term rental  in Umbria.

We will be glad to have you as our guests.

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